Jeff Freeman

"A Painting With A Group Of Symbols and Forms That Loosely Have Something To Do With William The Conqueror Disguised As Alexander The Great Disguised As William The Conqueror, Also Known As William The Corpulent (I Would Guess) By The Monks Who Had To Bury Him In The Church Of St. Stephen In Caen, Normandy. He Was Also Known As William The Bastard By Those Who Disliked Him. Since No Portrait Of Him Exists, This Picture Will Do. I Think It Looks Like Him. No? He Stands With His Norman Constabulary - With Attendant Plewds, Bulbous Floating Cohorts, Sagging Hopes, Enhanced Libidos, And One Over-Muscled Tubercular Boat Anchor, Contemplating A Late Romantic Copy of Something Like The Venus Of Willendorf And Her Bastard Son Hovering Over Something That I Have Decided Must Be A Symbol Of The Boat That Took Them To England And The Battle Of Hastings. I Don't Know What The Thing On The Left Is, But, Of Course, It Is Something."

Oil on Canvas, 32" high x 42" wide


Artist's Statement